Firehouse Shirt ClubTM was founded in 2011 by Jim Scano, a Firefighter/Paramedic. Jim spent 7-1/2 years with Dallas Fire-Rescue in Dallas, Texas and is currently working for the McKinney Fire Department in McKinney, TX just outside of Dallas. Like most firefighter enthusiasts and collectors, Jim was always looking for ways to get his hands on unique, classy, authentic t-shirts from other firehouses. He was visiting with his buddy one day and came up with the idea that Firefighter Shirt ClubTM could be a place where firefighters like Jim, could look forward to receiving a totally unique, authentic t-shirt each month from firehouses all across the country and the world.

Head T-Shirt Collector

Jim once took all of his t-shirt and lined them up down his street to see if he could reach the stop sign. Okay, maybe not… but he’s threatened it at least once. Since retiring from the fire service, Jim spends the majority of his time managing his three children, Faith, Samantha and Firehouse Shirt Club. Of course, once the two humans go to bed, all Hell breaks loose and you’ll find Jim scouring emails and the web looking for the next shirt to feature in the club. There’s a reason Firehouse Shirt Club still retains some of it’s first few customers even after 5+ years and nearing 60 shirts. It’s because Jim can’t stand a generic looking shirt. He knows that the firehouse shirt collectors are looking for unique, artistic shirts that have some meaning and represent the station they come from.  If there’s one thing Jim can’t stand, it’s a photographic looking print of a fire apparatus on a t-shirt.

Company Backbone

Without the dedication of Debra, the club would not be able to give back what we do to the stations we represent each month. If you send an email or call us, it’s most likely Debra that will respond. I assure you, your question, comment or concern is safe with her. I dare you to try to get her to forget something. It’s not happening. When Debra is not updating spreadsheets or responding to emails, she’s working hard at her “real job” where she’s been as an office manager for 20 years. Beyond that… she enjoys collecting wine bottle corks. She swears the wine in the bottle is just a bonus.

Master Ninja T-Shirt Folder/Packer

Natasha joined the team in 2014 and if you’ve received a shirt since then, most likely she’s the one that crammed that big ‘ol shirt into that little package. When she’s not hiding boxes of shirts from Jim throwing him into a panic for several days, she’s a dedicated wife and mom who’s a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll.

Junior T-Shirt Folder/Packer and DVR Master

As the oldest of Jim’s two kids, Faith spends her time rifling through the DVR from episode to episode of Dancing With The Stars, X Factor and American Idol. Lucky for her, folding and packing t-shirts is something she can do in front of the TV. If you find large, scribly markings on the outside of your package, there’s a better than good change you’ve come across this teenager’s care-free chicken scratch. We’re just grateful we could get this teenager to do that much.

Apprentice T-Shirt Folder/Packer and General Assistant

While it’s difficult to get this 8yr old to focus for more than 30 seconds, we appreciate her effort in folding one shirt a month. In reality, she does offer to help a lot of times, just not a lot of her time.