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Founded in 2011, it is the original shirt club for firefighters and enthusiasts!  Built by firefighters; we print, package and ship everything in-house.  By becoming a member you will receive a shirt from a firehouse every month.  We feature all types of departments, stations and crews right here in the United States and across the world.  For their participation, we turn a portion of your membership into a donation to give directly back to the those we feature; over $150,000  and counting. In fact, this year thanks to our growing membership we are happy to announce the launch of Firehouse Overhaul. Find out more about our recent renovation project by clicking the link or scrolling down.

how does THE SHIRT CLUB work? easy...

You can hit one of the Join Now links across the site

or go to the Sign Up tab at the top to start you membership into the Firehouse Shirt Club®


From there you select your size, style of shirt, standard or premium, fill out your information and checkout; you're in! There is no obligation or commitment, you can cancel anytime.


Below is a preview of what you will receive in each monthly package!

(Please Note: Patches are not included with every t-shirt.

Those need to be added as an additional item upon checkout)

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Mailer from mack

Each month Mack brings you information on the featured station of the month. New Face. Same Brand.

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Find out for more by clicking the button below and help us

Restore Morale and Rebuild Tradition!


what's the catch? there is none.

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Former Dallas firefighter

Husband and Father

Owner and operator of Firehouse Shirt Club®, Firehouse OverhaulTM, and Atomc T-ShirtsTM.

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Current McKinney firefighter/paramedic.

Husband and Father.

Lead Design and Manager for Firehouse Shirt Club®

 and Firehouse OverhaulTM

ben larance

Lead Manager and Clerk

 for all screen printing, embroidery, and projects within Atomic T-ShirtsTM

 Firehouse Shirt Club®

 and Firehouse OverhaulTM

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Digital Customer

Service Clerk

for  Atomic T-ShirtsTM

 Firehouse Shirt Club®

 and Firehouse OverhaulTM

debra scano

I founded Firehouse Shirt Club® in 2011 while working with the Dallas Fire Department in Texas.  I wanted a place where firefighters, their families and enthusiasts could come and collect unique, authentic t-shirts from fire stations across the country. We all have several tees or patches we've collected over the years from fire houses while traveling or on vacation, so I took the hard part out. Now, with Firehouse Shirt Club®anyone can enjoy a comfortable, fire station tee or patch sent straight to their doorstep. 


Jim Signature2.png

Jim Scano

Firehouse Shirt Club®

Founder, Owner and Operator

Former Dallas Firefighter


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